Don’t Let Calculus Form on Your Teeth, Especially if You Are a Diabetic

Having diabetes stinks. It has a negative affect on every single one of your body’s systems. It can even ruin your teeth. I was having trouble with my gums loosening away from a tooth on occasion. It made for pain and swelling. It really hurt to brush the area when it got bad. I went to a Fremont dentist for some treatment to get it fixed. I brush twice per day and floss twice per day no matter what. I use an antiseptic mouthwash, and I even rinse with hydrogen peroxide on occasion when my gums start to act up.

It corresponds to my blood glucose control. The tighter the control, the better my oral health. My dentist actually says my brushing and flossing are resulting in impeccable dental care. I do not have any cavities forming, and I only have trouble with my gums when my blood glucose levels climb out of normal tight control. When my teeth are cleaned, they do not have to do all kinds of scraping. Just a very little bit. The brushing and flossing really pays off. I like not having to have the scraping done. That is the worst part of a dental cleaning in my opinion.

It takes about 24 hours for plaque to turn into tartar. That is calculus, and it has nothing to do with the math version of the word. It is the hard stuff that forms on teeth that needs to be scraped away. If you brush thoroughly and floss, you do not allow plaque to turn into calculus. Therefore, you will not have to have all that scraping when you get your teeth cleaned. This can really benefit your gums by not having the tartar, or calculus as the dentist calls it, especially if you are a diabetic. It is tough to avoid all formations of calculus, but you can avoid most of it.