I Feel Much Better in My Shoulder Area Now

When I used to think about chiropractors, I always associated them with car accidents. While I knew that a lot of their patients were people who were injured in wrecks, I also knew that some were results of falls and trips too. What I did not know though was that a chiropractor can help with so many other things too, which I found out when I was referred to a chiropractor in Fort Myers for pain in my shoulder. I had an old work injury that I just figured played a role in it, but it had been getting increasingly worse as the days turned into weeks and then months.

When my doctor asked me if I was experiencing anything new, I told him that I was having trouble with my shoulder, and that is when he recommended that I see a chiropractor about it. He even suggested the one in Fort Myers because he had been there himself many times and knew that the chiropractors there would be able to help me with the shoulder pain. I made an appointment for later on that week, and I was surprised at just how in depth their examination and questions were.

I was happy though, because I knew that meant they were gathering all the data needed to come up with a treatment plan that would work for me. It turned out that the problem was really not related to the work injury at all. My back was not in proper alignment, and they were able to tell from the examination and imaging results that this is what caused all the pain in my shoulder. I had adjustments three times a week for the first two weeks, and now its been cut down to once every couple of weeks. I really do feel so much better because of this!