Women’s Fitness

When it comes to women’s fitness and men’s fitness, Yes! There is a difference. Women are very different than men. You are physiologically, structurally, hormonally, and emotionally different than your male counterparts. Why then, would a women’s fitness program be the same as a men’s fitness program?

Have you ever gone to the gym with your husband or boyfriend in the hopes that both of you would lose weight. You do the same exact exercises that he does. You do more cardio than he does. You even eat better than he does… only to find out that he has lost 10 pounds while you stayed the same or, even worse, you gained a couple of pounds. I hear this complaint all of the time. This is why a women’s fitness program must be different than that of her male counterpart.

The only time tested proven approach to healthful permanent physical change comes from what is known as a paradigm shift (a shift in the way you are currently thinking). In order to achieve your women’s fitness goals you will have to adopt a lifestyle which consists of supportive nutrition and

What Has Changed in Health & Fitness

There have been many changes in fitness over the past 30 years. It’s human nature to reminisce about times past. That’s great but lets not forget that things change as well. This is certainly true in the area of health and fitness. “If you do what you have always done, you will get the results you have always gotten” is true, but what if the situation changes? Then what used to work is no longer a viable and effect way to get the results that we want. In this article I will outline seven items that have changed over the past 30 or so years that affect the way we view health, fitness, exercise and what is considered “best”. Let’s look at some of these changes in Fitness.

1. Activity level

This change in fitness is pretty obvious. We just don’t move around as much as we used to 30 years ago.

Currently, the average sedentary person living in an urban setting takes 900-3000 steps a day. Uh… that’s a puny number! In the journal of sports medicine existing literature was pulled together to set a general

Cycling For Health and Women’s

If you are looking for the ultimate aerobic workout to add to your women’s fitness and exercise program, give indoor cycling a whirl.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this indoor cycling exercise, I’ll try and explain it a bit. Indoor Cycling is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle called a spinning bike. In a class of other stationary cyclists, you pedal while motivating music plays and an instructor talks you through a visualization of an outdoor cycling workout. Emulating hill climbing and traveling down hill, you are sometimes pedaling as fast as you can, other times cranking up the tension and pedaling slowly from a standing position. Cycling helps you to focus inward and to work on your mind and your body. This is an ultimate workout for any women’s fitness program.

Cycling burns a big bunch of calories, if you feel the need to count them that is. An average 340 to 450 calories can be burned in 45 minutes. Cycling is an awesome aerobic workout that causes your heart to pump to a healthy and fast pace. It also

Two Things to Consider to Ensure Women’s

Everyone worries about his or her health. In fact, this is primary concern of women more than men. Women’s fitness concerns have actually created a huge industry of diet plans and weight loss programs. This is probably because the pressure on maintaining proper weight is even more emphasized when you are a woman.

A woman is always expected to look good and to have an attractive figure. This is an unfortunate truth. Of course, there are benefits to women’s fitness. Having a fit body means having good health. Not only will you look great, you will also ensure that you are healthy when you take time to observe proper diet and exercise. Attaining a fit body and good health is easy. There are just some things that you have to adhere to.

You Need to Eat Right

First of all, you have to make sure that you eat right. As much as you love chocolates, you need to cut back on your chocolate intake. Avoid foods that are packed with calories. Stay away from salty, oily and fatty foods. These things are bad for your health. They

Women’s Fitness For Better Health

The women who often feel the most remorse when taking time for personal health break are the ones who are employed outside the house. The guilt over helping the kids with homework or extending daycare for an additional 45 minutes each day vs. using that time to work out. We must admit there is a huge advantage for everyone when mom is healthy, has more energy and feels in shape. And there are ways to involve the children, the spouse and even your boss to work a fitness program into your day.

As women mature, fitness becomes more vital to remain healthy. Exercise can assist women to lower cholesterol and minimize body fat, help decrease the risk of stroke, cancer and heart attacks. Not to mention becoming physically stronger, trimmer, regulate periods, and improve overall well-being.

Prior to executing any fitness regimen, no matter how benign, it is always best to speak with your Doctor to be certain that your plans do not interfere with any current medical conditions, medications, and your plans coincide with your current level of fitness.

You will discover a significant number of

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A Fun Way to Always Get Your Exercise in Everyday

Does your women’s fitness suffer because of your schedule? It’s not easy to get up, get to the gym, and exercise before work when your workday begins at the crack of dawn to the tune of the rooster’s crow. For some that can be a 5:00 a.m. start or earlier. And if you’re anything like me, I need a gallon of motivation to perform an afternoon workout and even then it sometimes consists of draggin’ myself to the gym one limb at a time…and each individual toe separately. Still, if this is the schedule you keep, it doesn’t mean that exercise has to be put on hold. Here is a women’s fitness tip to help keep your exercise on track. And the options will take you back to your days of youth…and quite honestly keep your workout fun too!

Women’s fitness tip: Remember jumping jacks, jump rope, hopscotch, and hula hoops. (I know you’re smiling already.) Those were great times when we as kids would play all day and not go inside until the sun went down…sometimes even later. Well, now you can relive those memories but this time as a big girl.

Womens Health Fitness


Type in a couple of womens health fitness keywords into Google or any one of the many search engines and what do you get? You get some great sites related to womens health fitness and more

There are tons of womens health fitness websites some are little more than advertisements but many others provide a terrific supply of information relating to womens issues. Scientific research, data from studies, health conditions, nutrition, and fitness, as well as prevention and health information.

It’s important for women to get accurate information about issues that directly relate to their health and that includes the latest on womens health fitness. What was thought the best advice only a year or so ago has now been improved.

For example today it is a well known fact that women suffer heart attacks at the same rate as men but they often present differently to emergency wards to many go undiagnosed. It has also bee shown that womens health fitness is critical to keeping women healthier especially after menopause when their