Women’s Fitness

When it comes to women’s fitness and men’s fitness, Yes! There is a difference. Women are very different than men. You are physiologically, structurally, hormonally, and emotionally different than your male counterparts. Why then, would a women’s fitness program be the same as a men’s fitness program?

Have you ever gone to the gym with your husband or boyfriend in the hopes that both of you would lose weight. You do the same exact exercises that he does. You do more cardio than he does. You even eat better than he does… only to find out that he has lost 10 pounds while you stayed the same or, even worse, you gained a couple of pounds. I hear this complaint all of the time. This is why a women’s fitness program must be different than that of her male counterpart.

The only time tested proven approach to healthful permanent physical change comes from what is known as a paradigm shift (a shift in the way you are currently thinking). In order to achieve your women’s fitness goals you will have to adopt a lifestyle which consists of supportive nutrition and proper exercise.?

Supportive nutrition, as opposed to just healthy eating, supports a lifestyle that will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. In order to maintain a healthy weight we must have a proper balance of beneficial proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Eating a variety of healthy foods from all of the food groups is essential to achieving and maintaining lasting weight loss. This is the only way to receive all of the beneficial nutrients necessary to achieve optimum levels of health & wellness.

Proper exercise is a combination of moderate aerobic exercise and resistance training performed in the proper amounts and intensity.

Also, a proper women’s fitness program must be easy to follow. It has to be something that is permanent… that you can follow for the rest of your life. If the program is too strenuous or too complicated, the results will only be temporary. As soon as you go off of the program (and you will) you will gain all of your weight back and then some.

Women & Fat Storage

What I’m about to tell you may make you mad. You’ve probably known this your entire life. Your male counterpart probably laughed at you every time you made mention of it, but I’m here to tell you that it is true. Women hold onto and burn fat different than men. Yes you heard me right. There is a tremendous difference.

Women are predisposed to fat storage. It is in your genetic make up. Puberty, your monthly cycles, pregnancy, and menopause are all factors that promote an immense amount of fat storage. And, if you are taking any kind of hormone replacement therapies, your situation is compounded. Not to mention medical conditions that are more common to women. Men do not have to deal with any of this.

Joint Stability, Proper Posture, & Muscular Balance

Another area of concern for women’s fitness is joint stability, proper posture, and muscular balance. These three areas of concern are crucial to any woman who wants to lead a vital, pain free life.

Without exception, every woman that I have come across has needed help with posture, joint stability and muscular balance.

Most women either do not perform resistance exercises and/or follow an improper haphazard exercise routine. This causes imbalances in musculature, which can lead to a whole myriad of problems including: headaches, backaches, knee problems, foot and ankle problems, and numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers just to name a few.

Also, a woman will have smaller joints, ligaments, tendons and approximately 30% less muscle than her same height same weight male counterpart. What this means to you is that a woman has weaker and less stable joints than a man, making you much more susceptible to injury.

Is There A Solution

I can go on and on, but you get the picture. You can see why it is imperative that specific exercise and nutrition programming for a female is essential. It is imperative for you to follow a women’s fitness program that addresses all of these concerns.